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Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:09 AM
Typing over here really needs some time to get used to, it just looks so strange.

I've been trying to cut down on vulgarities, so no f word or swearing. I don't even know why I wanted to do it. I guess it just doesn't leave a very good impression on people and it's some weird unconscious attempt to be more mature. It's actually not that difficult to censor out all those words, the real problem is when I'm feeling annoyed or not in a good. I become snappish, rude and will start cursing. It happens the most when I lack sleep. So it actually happens pretty often. It's working though! I even get annoyed when I hear others speak profanities, especially when they use the very vulgar words. Not very sure if it's a good thing though, I like being open-minded. I don't know how that links, but brain is weird like that.

Sleeping early is also something I've been trying to change for the better. Fine more like sleeping enough hours instead, sleeping early sounds highly ambitious for me. Though it should be more of was trying. I was sleeping at least 6 hours per night. So I go to bed at roughly midnight, at times 1AM on Monday mornings since school starts later. I have never mentioned it to anyone but sleeping early is SO DIFFICULT. I have to constantly check the clock at night and make myself panicky so I will do things quicker. There were so many times when I had to just chuck my homework aside and go to bed. It sounds weird but it's like... an addiction to sleep deprivation. I had to physically force myself to go to bed and all. I don't know why it's so, I guess my sleep cycle is just weird. My friend oh so kindly told me to give up and said it's a crazy idea. Such a great pal. I lasted for a little more than month, which I really didn't expect. It didn't pay off at first, I was still sleepy. It started getting better, I was almost never in a foul mood and didn't fall asleep in class as much. And it feels incredible to wake up ultra early and get things done, you feel so accomplished because you actually did work even before it's noon.

So anyway, I was doing fine until holidays came along and happily screwed my sleep hours. I should keep a record of my sleeping times, it's insane. It's so nuts it's actually bordering on ridiculous. I highly suspect I have some mild sleeping disorder... Insomnia or the like. On more than 2 occasions I slept at 6AM. To me it isn't that bad if you get to sleep in, except I had to go back to school so I had to wake up at 7 plus. It was more of a nap to be honest. Actually, even worse since most of the time when I nap it's for hours but that's just an hour. Since I'm used to surviving on little sleep and my body has some weird ability, I can actually function. What's abnormal is only my temper and how I will conk out after a few days. The experience is terrible. My mother always wakes me up halfway through my sleep and I will be groggy. Not fully awake yet so I have no idea what's going on. When I am truly awake, I will be in the state where everything's foggy. Have no idea what happened/what time it is/what day is it. Everything feels jumbled up and all thoughts are in a mess. Not very good to wake up to and start the day with, I can assure you that.

I don't know why I'm rambling on about sleep, I think it's because I have slight issues with it. Trying to adjust back to "normal" sleep hours since school's starting soon. Scratch that, I have to.

I was just looking at piercings and nape piercing looks really really cool! Looks painful though. But sigh it looks pretty. Am so convinced to get a second ear hole and helix piercing. I am a coward though, scared shitless about the pain.

You Me At Six won Kerrang! Best British Band,  for the second year running. I'm so happy for them. :') I was just watching their videos and they are so hilarious. They are so dorky. Somehow I vaguely remember saying I love dorky people... dorkable. But I can't recall why I said it! It's so frustrating when your're trying to remember but you can't.

Holidays have been pretty cool, except that I have to go back to school for supplementary classes and CCA. But to be honest I can't even remember what I've been doing much...I think it's the same with others? I have been hearing that from a few people, how time just flies and and more than half the holidays is already gone. I went to my friend's house twice, watched live on the murder scene! Finally, have been talking about it for ages. We just chilled and slacked around, played games. That's actually pretty much what I do all day. On random days after school I will go for lunch with someone. Oh I went to WL's school funfair with SK! Quite cool, although the everything was soooo expensive. We didn't get to play much since money is limited. Went out for Japanese food on a Saturday with family and my grandmother. I love family time because I get to eat good food and spend time with them. Had cold soba with tempura, chawanmushi and some hokkaido ice cream. Was so full and happy after that.

For sabbaticals one of my courses was graphic novels. I don't know what others think of it but I think it's so cool! I now have this newfound interest for comic books/graphic novels. I went to borrow Fables because it seems like a good read and man it's good! Unfortunately for me the second book is not available at the library. I don't know how I'm going to continue.

I have CCA tomorrow, need to reach at 8.15 AM. Fantastic, I know. Have a great holidays all x.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 2:21 AM
It's been really really long time since I last blogged. Gosh the changes are so great, the layout is totally different. When I signed in I just stared and was all confused. I'm not who particularly likes changes, I mean obviously. I don't think most people like change. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't really like the new stuff. It's so orange and white. WHITE. Nearly everything is white I thought my eyes were going to be blinded argh. Can never understand why people like white/light so much. It's so... boring.

Has it really been so long since I last blogged? Time flies so fast it's unbelievable. One whole term! More than that actually. Ok here goes!

Oh yeah before that, just now I was just trying to download the BlackBerry desktop software. The disc was so tiny it slipped into the disc thingy of the CPU. WTF how can this kind of thing happen! But managed to get it out thank goodness. I was just thinking if it was my wuyuetian CD or something super precious, I would really cry okay. Now that I said it, it better not jinx it and actually happen! Choy choy touchwood.

Found this Pods with Mars in Candy Empire when I was out with my mum before we went for granddad's birthday dinner. She was in a super good mood and was you-want-that-ok-buy. If only she's like that 24/7. Brings back so much Sydney memories! Was super happily eating it because it's so good. Even my brother agreed, though not explicitly.
Me: Good buy right! Super nice.
Bro: No... I don't like Mars bars.
Me: ..then why are you eating it.
-Ahem- Saw this at NTUC the other day for $5.70.

My Graces shoes. Look how high it is! My hand next to it to give comparison. 5 whole inches of gorgeous.

So pretty. I admit it was an impulse buy and I would probably never really wear it again... It's those kind of shoes that's for special occasions sort of stuff. But how can I resist it when it's so pretty! I've always wanted a pair of shoes just like that so when I saw it my head was just going "Buy! Buy! Buy!"

Graces was fun! Everyone was so gorgeous and pretty. Almost all put in sooo much effort. I didn't even do my hair. Or nails. Man it was so carefree we didn't have to worry about exams or homework. And aircon room ftw!

My birthday!!! It was such a special day omg I felt super ultra loved. Went out with SK and WL for lunch. We ate and played Taboo/Monopoly Deal. Had so much fun! Then headed to Orchard with SK to shop a little. After she left I went to Kinokuniya. Nerd or what I know. Then went out with my bro and aunts. Dinner was at a jap restaurant selling ramen and it was super delish! Stayed over at my grandparents' house. We reached at 11ish near midnight and they slept already. It was quite funny to see them the next day because they giving the O.O how come you're here look. Talked for hours with my bro, cousin and aunts. I had such a fun day, man I'm really super grateful for the incredible people around me. :)

This hugeass book that I really wanted to buy at Kino. I mean, see how cool it is! Magazine I bought underneath. Kerrang, the oli sykes on the cover issue.

Cheesecake my super sweet aunt bought for me. I mentioned that I like cheesecake once so she chose this flavour. How come people around are so nice and sweet to me. Really super touched.

Chocolate cake that my mum bought. To be honest I kind of forgot my birthday and my parents were overseas on that day. So imagine my surprise when I came back from camp, opened the fridge and saw this hugeass box of cake. It was the same for last year too. No matter how busy my mum is... she never forgets my birthday. :')

The week before my birthday, my family went to eat Penang buffet for celebration. It was good! I liked the dessert, all the kueh were yums.

Spinelli bluebery cheesecake by batchmates when we went for study date. Super yummy!

Presents/card by SK and WL. Look how pretty it is! Even the wrapping looks nice wtf. They said the 2 girls on the card are them lolol. Oh yeah they also treated me brownies with ice cream hee. My favourite! It was suuuuper good.

Redeemed my birthday cake - Starbucks molten chocolate cake. Heated. Similar to lava cake, it's so chocolatey and yummy.

Lana's chocolate cake that my mum bought for her own birthday. Super yummy! I really like chocolate cake. For her birthday dinner we went to eat at a Thai restaurant. Man I really love Thai food! It was so good I was like this happy kid throughout dinner.

Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day. Look at the crowd! Queued twice for 2 scoops. I really love ice cream too.

Random shots of the morning sky when the sun is rising. Whenever I see that the sky looks really pretty I will snap a photo. Brightens up my day too hee.

Random shots at cip. We were bored so we decided to play with the plants. Out of all things, I know right.

My neighbour's hamsters. When I leave the house in the morning, sometimes I will go and see them. Most of the time they're just sleeping.

Gorgeous rainbow that I saw in school in the morning!

My mum baked all these yummy goodies over the Labour Day weekend.

Island Creamery waffles with nutella ice cream. Yums.

Shall grace my blog with a face. 阿信! Was watching the HITO awards on livestream. Still don't get why 五月天 didn't win the Best Group award! Oh come on they deserve it. Anyway, I was watching them perform and they're so amazing! Always get goosebumps whenever I watch their live performance because they're so good. Still can't believe I missed their concert sigh.

Saw these two hamster sleeping. See that fat one it was just sleeping on top of the other one! Omg if it's me I'll be so annoyed and just push the other of.

Yesterday I dreamt (why is that underlined the spelling is correct wtf!) that my iPod got smashed and it broke into two pieces. Literally. Half half. Is that a sign that I've been mistreating my iPod?!

I'm only mentioning events/random stuff that I snap a picture of! Because I'm lazy to think of any other. Just realised that most of the time I take pictures of food so most of it in this post is about food. Hmm maybe I'll talk about other stuff next time. Going to end here before the post gets too long.

Have a great holidays x.

Saturday, March 03, 2012 1:22 AM

Haven't been writing because school's been busy busy busy. Or to be more exact, I've been a lazy arse. I'm installing some updates on the computer so that it can read Chinese and currently it's at update 51 of 108, how brilliant right. The best part is that it's been installing for hours.

The school week has ended and I am so darn relieved. It was really madness because it's the last week of the term, of studying that is. Everyday I was just worrying and panicking and trying to get things done. So I'm really glad it's over, I can finally do other overdue non-academic stuff. Like present s-cough-. My life's really shitty these days. First my computer crashed because it got infected with virus, had to use the laptop but there was some issues with the internet and I couldn't connect to it. The light in my room decided that it wants to retire yet it can't make up its mind, so at times it will just switch off. And refuses to switch on. For some strange reason my phone has been very laggy the past few days. I can't even type a complete text without it lagging at least once. Hello bb I treat you so well okay! And a lot of other things. Like my weird mind fast forwarding 1 day. On Wednesday I thought it was Thursday.

On the other hand it's starting to get better! I have been getting quite a lot of chocolates and that makes me happy. Plus most of them are from people! Hee that's really my weakness. My dad helped me reformat my computer, and I upgraded to software too. From XP to Windows 7. Though I'm not really liking it so far, it's quite laggy hmm. I sincerely hope it's just because I'm running a virus scan and installing the updates at the same time that's causing it though. And of course because it's the start of March! It's one of my favourite months, possibly my favourite.

Can't believe it's March already. What have I been doing for the past 2 months man! Gosh life's really zooming past too fast. I'm going to 16 in less than 2 weeks. I'm honestly not sure how I should be feeling. At the moment it actually scares me to crap, like I'm really really growing up. And I don't want that at all nooo. In the past the young me always thought that when I reach this age I'll be excited and all. Possibly because in the book the characters are around this age haha, and there'll be parties and idk, lots of fun. Sweet sixteen you know. But in reality it's actually much different? Have to study really hard, there are lots of homework, need to start thinking of future. What do I want to do, what I like and want to study, jobs, what college etc. It's madness! The other day SUTD came over to my school to give a talk during assembly. Inside I was kind of freaking out. Like hello why are we talking about university!! But it's not that far already, next year I'll be in junior college. This is crap okay no more play. And there's also the money part, I want to buy sooooo many things but so poor. Someone quick invent something so i can be stuck at this age forever.

Random but since the start of the year I've been dreaming of really weird stuff. Like people I haven't spoken to in a long long while will just appear. And in really weird situations! Once I was at the circus, another time I sneaked out of some event hahah.

January was a busy month! So busy start of the year. Because Chinese New Year was early this year, everything seemed so rush. And we had 3 performances! Madness or what. Okay 1 was actually on February 2 but it was all the same week. The other 2 were on 30th and 31st Jan at the Esplanade outdoor stage. The scenery there was super pretty! Especially at night.

The CBD building with all the lights. And Chinese New Year was amazing of course! I had a lot of fun, that's why it's my favourite festival. Ate so much yummy food, especially pineapple tarts omg couldn't stop myself from eating it. Played Kinect, surprisingly didn't gamble at all this year. I painted my nails and my cousin complimented it! My aunt said I have a natural talent, what rubbish hahaha. I wanna do the galaxy nails next year, shall go practice during the holidays heh.

February was a pretty short month. My family went to eat at a French restaurant for my dad's birthday! To be honest it's not exactly very nice, just normal? But not bad I guess, I tried a few authentic dishes. Well I hope they were authentic. Just last Saturday we went to eat Penang buffet for my early birthday dinner. (Since my parents are going to be away on the actual day, how darn sweet. ) I quite liked it, the laksa and kuay teow was not bad. And the cakes were gooood. But my brother and I agreed we need to start going to buffet restaurants, it's such a horrible concept. You can't stop eating and you just keep stuffing yourself with food.

Shall end of with a random picture of my neighbour's hamsters. Adorable aren't they, whenever my friends come over they always go and look at them hee. Things haven't been so eventful till I just have to post about, but there were really great days. And I guess I'm quite happy now? That's what's most important. Alright really need to go to sleep, have to wake up at 7 tomorrow/today morning. How bloody fantastic. That leaves me around uhhh 4 hours of sleep. Sweet.

Oh and I just want to say, I'm not some replacement. Second choice. Or I don't know, some entertainment so you can talk to me when you're bored. Or a help center, so you come find me when you need me. But I don't know, are those actually signs. Do they actually mean something?

Today my friend told me that I should never date a guy who doesn't know Asking Alexandria. I asked if I will only date a guy who likes You Me At Six, does that mean I'll have to remain single for the rest of my life. "No, but you'll probably be dead by then." It made me laugh.

Have a great March all x.

Sunday, January 01, 2012 11:37 PM
What's a new year without resolutions? Some people say that it's pointless, because it shouldn't take a new year to realise that something has to be changed or that no one sticks to them anyway. Quite true I guess. But to me it's like a milestone or some sort similar, and a time to look back and reflect. Plus it's part of seeing setting goals in life. So here goes!

1. Eat healthy and exercise. Am so tempted to just put lose weight, but I guess I don't really care as long I have less fat legs. (Hahah the same as every year! But I have faith because it didn't become an empty promise like last year.)
2. Maintain my grades. (At least!)
3. Watch The Wicked, by hook or by crook.
4. If You Me At Six comes to Singapore (fingers crossed) to go to their concert.
5. Save $$$
6. Clear out my wardrobe and add to it.
7. Be less anti-social gahhhh.
8. Make time for myself to do what makes me happy, be it reading or piano.
9. Work on my punctuality. Outings, presents etc.
10. Figure out what I want I'm interested to study in.
11. Be less of an ass.
12. Just well, be happy.

12 resolutions for the year 2012! Some of them is more of a wish/superficial vainpot want but I don't care. A point I want to add to the previous post (of last year! hehe) is that well, I'm glad and proud of myself for moving on. I really hope I'll be less of a sloth and be more productive. I WILL. Here's to an amazing year x.

Saturday, December 31, 2011 3:54 PM
Last day of 2011! Hahah it amazes me to no end how I have to blog on the last day of the year or the first day of the new year, no matter how long I've been away before that. And since someone has been half complaining here it is a new post!

- Completed OBS omg what an achievement. Spend my BIRTHDAY kayaking like crazy for hours and getting sunburnt/tanned. It will be an unforgettable way to spend. To be honest it was actually quite fun and it's an experience with many lessons learnt. Hahah it wasn't that bad!

- My first and last SYF, for secondary school life at least. It was so uhhh emotionally challenging for me, I don't know if that's right to describe. Anyway, the journey was nightmare. Yet so fulfilling because at the end of the day we all made friends, had fun and the effort paid off.

- Lion King the musical. My first ever musical! I really enjoyed it even though it costs a bomb. Really want to watch The Wicked, gonna bug my Dad about it!

- Family trip to Sichuan and jiuzaigou. The food was really shitty at first but it got better. The view was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. When you're there you just want to migrate over there and live forever. There's all the beautiful lakes and the trees around, plus awesome weather. It was freezing slightly because I wasn't wearing enough but I'll choose that over sweaty humid hot Singapore any time. In chengdu I love the shopping hee, the deals were so incredible even though the quality sucks. I really do hope this trip is the last time we're going to China and yet not the last time we're going overseas as a whole family.

- SYDNEY TRIP! With CCA. My first time going on an immersion programme and the first time going to Australia. I had such an incredible time. Everyday was just sightseeing, eating good food at restaurants, shitty breakfast, yucky Subway which everyone got sick of, putting makeup, uniform, the drills, performing. And laughing and acting as if we're drunk. Even though it was hard work and lots of money poured in, everything paid off. :)

- HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2 MOVIE! Out of the many different movies I watched this year I guess this is the one that will forever be the most significant. I'm not a huge Potterhead because I confess, I have only read the last 2 books. Even so I can really say I grew up watching Harry Potter movies and all. And now? It's a big part of my life because of Dramione. And because of Harry Potter that's why I'm such a fan of Tom Felton now hee.

- MY NEW BLACKBERRY! ♡ Finally got a new phone, after people saying stuff like "aiyoh why so phone so laopok one" hahaha. Am super happy because I've wanting a bb since around sec 1? Won over by the keyboard. Have been using for a few months now and have not regret one single bit. Lots of people (especially my parents) keep bugging/asking me why I want a bb and not a say, iPhone. Because it's not totally touchscreen, has a keypad which allows me to type crazy fast (quoted from my friend), doesn't lag like shit even though I never delete my messages and just so brilliant.

- Pottermore. I still haven't gotten to playing it yet because well I'm lazy to be honest. Anyway, I am super lucky be a beta user! Created 3 accounts hur hur I'm nuts. Gave 2 away though, the one for myself has a super nickname which I really love. Am anxious yet dreading to take the sorting hat test because I want to be sorted into Slytherin house so bad. Like what everyone else says, the site isn't really worth all that hype because there's nothing much.

- Sandwich. A gift for one of my friends. Super adorable.

- Lowest MSG ever for me! It's not the best or close to being good but I'm super super happy! I improved so much (in my opinion) since last year and all my hard work paid off. All the studying, doing homework blahblah. It's my first year ever which I ever worked my ass off. Yeah I did slack a lot too but I guess I kidda made that up with my crazy sleep hours. Not that I'm truly proud of that. So! I'm quite happy with my grades this year. The best part of this is that my parents don't really bug me too much about studies anymore, even though they see me stone the whole day.

- Suzhou trip. I went there knowing only about 3 people and came back knowing more people! It was really interesting to see the school, teaching style etc. Plus it was fun hanging out with a different group of people!

- Started watching Big Bang Theory! It's super funny really I think everyone should go watch it.

- You Me At Six. It's been about 2 months since I first started to listen to their songs but I really like the band so very much already. It's probably second on my list, behind 五月天. And I daresay it's one of the best things that happened to me this year. They make awesome music, are so adorable, am funny and incredibly nice people. :)

- 五月天's new album. I can go on and on about how amazing/awesome/incredible it is but I shouldn't. Everyone should hear the songs for themselves. And my Dad is so sick of hearing me play this album haha. I've been listening to it on the stereo/computer/iPod. But they're so good you cannot stop and you won't ever get sick of their songs!

That pretty much sums up this year. There are many other small things, like quitting french and dramione fanfictions still being my drug. But they can't really be counted as milestones I guess. Of course as usual, no matter what happened and changed, I made new friends, lost old ones and am grateful for those who still stuck by me. Of course! I'm really super happy hehe because I found someone who kidda like dramione too (according to my knowledge) and listen to similar bands! The current me is much different from the old one. In terms of what I like, my celebrity crushes, my personality, the tiny little things and especially so for my music taste.

And you know what? I'm happy. Not the super high kind, but I'm pretty satisfied with my life as it is now. For the first time in so so long, at least I know what I'm doing and working for what I want.

Thank you 2011, for being such a fantastic great damn year x.

Sunday, December 04, 2011 11:52 PM
Life's been really wonderful!

Went over to my friend's house on Friday. Did a little work then another friend came over. Hee we just chat, look at Mango and ate. A lot of Pocky. I know it sounds reeeeally boring/not fun but I just had a such a great time! Went down for a swim (not being lazy anymore!) and filed all the past years shit at night. Am so proud of myself because all the notes and blahblah are so neat right now. I have empty files ready for next year's invasion of the notes. I'm going to pack my room next. Cannot cannot cannot stand how it looks right now. And hopefully I'll still have time to clear our wardrobe. It's getting kind of uh, full.

Yesterday I went to watch Breaking Dawn with my friends! Hahah it's really becoming like a tradition. My friend not allowed to watch the movie, then we panic and worry but in the end everything works out perfectly. Had a great time! But apparently there was an after credits scene wtf. I hate it when the movie makers do that!

Had dinner at night with my family, aunts and uncle. It was such an incredible time spent with them really! To be honest the food wasn't that great except my appetizer. But hey I love the company. They came over and tried out my dad's new toy hahaha. May be going out with my aunt and bro, plus my cousins perhaps, can't wait!

Slept until 1PM today what a pig I am. ;) (And I took a nap just now wtf) Went to my grandparents' house, especially since it's been such a long time since the last visit. Finished up some work and ate a lot of yummy delish food. We watched tv together it was so fun telling them who is who. And I watched some episodes of Big Bang Theory. Everyone should go watch that comedy it's hilarious.

Last night I was watching Bite Your Tongue music video and the top comment was "Draco Malfoy playing the drums." LOL instant love for You Me At Six! Hee Dan Flint with platinum blond hair. :P And yesterday and today there were really things that made me go o.o in the pleasant surprise good way.

Oh and my friend is incredible she got me a Spongebob iPod cover! It's so bright and happy .Super super love it hehe.

December really has been amazing so far, I hope it'll continue x.